Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Computer thrown at stabbed husband, court told

A "delirious" woman threw a computer monitor towards her wounded husband, shouting that he deserved to be stabbed, neighbours have told a Sydney court.

Danielle Stewart, 32, is standing trial for the stabbing murder of her husband, Chaim Kimel, at their eastern Sydney apartment in August 2006.

Stewart, who worked in the advertising industry, claims she was acting in self-defence when she stabbed Mr Kimel twice in the abdomen with an ornamental knife.

Mr Kimel's son, 18, today told the NSW Supreme Court he sat in his bedroom listening to music through "constant screaming" and arguments that night.

At one point, he said, he had heard his father tell Stewart there was "no need to get violent", in a tone of "self-defence".

He said he then thought he heard his father's "large body mass" being thrown against his bedroom door, and what he believed were punches being thrown before a body hit the floor.

When he emerged from his bedroom, he said Stewart told him to "get the fk out of my house".

"I've never seen my father in so much pain before," he said.

"There was a lot of blood."

Walson Mathew, who had lived in the neighbouring Rose Bay apartment for about five years, said the shouting started as he was preparing for bed.

Mr Kimel's son came to the door with his injured father shouting "she hit him, she stabbed him", Mr Mathew said.

"She came and threw some things in front of us, like a computer monitor and some papers," he said.

One of Mr Mathew's sons told the court Stewart appeared "delirious" and was shouting "he deserved to be stabbed" and pointing at Mr Kimel.

"She was furious," the 19-year-old said.

"Physically she didn't seem drunk, but obviously she'd been mentally affected by something."

He said Mr Kimel's son, who was then aged 16, went into the apartment and returned brandishing a weapon and saying "I'm going to settle this".

"I said to him: 'Don't do that' and Chaim said: 'Don't do that' as well," Mr Mathew's son said.

Another of Mr Mathew's sons, who is 17, said Stewart was yelling at her stepson: "Get your fking father out, he's a liar".

Mr Mathew told the jury he had heard Stewart and Mr Kimel argue on a number of other occasions, and it was "usually Danielle" who seemed to be the agitator.

"(Mr Kimel) was trying to calm the situation down most times," he said.

Stewart sat with her head in her hands as her stepson took the court's stand.

The trial will continue on Friday, before Acting Justice Jane Mathew.


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