Saturday, July 5, 2008

Jamie Oliver's new show branded immoral

HARROWING television scenes of Jamie Oliver gassing chicks and electrocuting a chicken have been branded immoral by the RSPCA.

The show, Jamie's Fowl Dinners, which will premiere on Channel 10 this month, is part of the TV chef's crusade to highlight the cruelty of battery farming.
But his plans may have backfired, with animal protection groups angry over the killings.
One scene sees Oliver, 32, electrocute a chicken and drain blood from its neck, to show the way they are slaughtered.
Another sees him suffocate chicks with carbon dioxide.
The RSPCA attacked Oliver's actions, calling for him to stop further public demonstrations.
"It's immoral," spokesman Hugh Worth said.
"You don't inflict pain and suffering on an animal to make people aware. You just don't do that because it's wrong."
Animal Liberation Victoria spokeswoman Debra Tranter called for Oliver to use footage from real farms to show the "cruel reality" behind egg farming. She said, despite Oliver's good intentions, his actions were cruel and misguided.
"I like what he is trying to achieve, but he has gone about it the wrong way," Ms Tranter said.
Channel 10 defended the show, saying Oliver was a licensed slaughterman.
The show had been classified M and would carry "consumer advice", a Ten spokeswoman said.
Earlier, animal rights groups condemned the chef for slitting a lamb's throat while it was still conscious for a TV series filmed in Italy.


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