Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Police 'bash' drunk on Bong Bong

Three Bowral police officers have been charged with beating a drunken man they arrested while he was being held at their police station.

The three unnamed officers, aged 36, 43 and 44, were involved in the arrest and detention of a 36-year-old man outside a pub on Bong Bong Street on March 22. He charged with refusing to obey a move along direction and using offensive language.

It will be alleged the man was assaulted by the three officers both during the arrest and later at the police station.

The incident was investigated internally and resulted in the three officers being charged with various assault-related offences.

It is not clear whether the officers have been removed from active duty, with a police spokeswoman saying they would have more information in a few hours.

The officers are expected to face Goulburn local court on August 13.

The man they allegedly bashed pleaded guilty to his two charges in April and was fined $300.


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